Insurance Benefits: Helping Your New Year’s Resolutions

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Insurance Benefits: Helping Your New Year’s Resolutions

The protection industry can have a positive influence, providing clients with the tools to manage their health and look ahead to achieving new year’s resolutions. Here’s how added-value benefits can impact your health in 2023…

Insurance Benefits

Protection plans are there to provide financial security, should the worst happen to you. Whether that involves death, a critical illness or through an accident. Most plans are now comprehensive, offering added value services to support you and your family throughout the life of your plan.

Helping Your Resolutions

Many providers offer a range of nutritional and fitness services, helping you achieve a healthier lifestyle and reduce the risk of major illnesses. Physiotherapy, second medical opinions, health
MOT’s and even discounts on gym memberships can all help to make your new year’s resolutions last more than just a few weeks!
Maybe your resolutions aren’t fitness related? Research shows that many people commit to financial goals at the start of the year, and your insurance provider can help you with this too.
Additional perks like free weekly coffee and monthly cinema tickets mean you can still get out and about without breaking the bank!

Mental Health Support

Every year, in the UK, 1 in 4 of us will experience a mental health problem. It is estimated that 1 in 6 of us will report the experience of a mental health problem (anxiety and depression) in any given week. Through the winter months, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) usually becomes more severe.

Financial worries and poor mental health are frequently related, so it’s important to make use of the support and benefits available to you. It’s worth checking what support you already have access to as part of your insurance policy – as many people don’t fully utilise the added-value benefits within their cover, which can range from discounts on mental health services to dedicated one-on-one professional support.

We break down the basics of protection at Insurance . Often we can spread your protection across several providers, allowing access to more of the perks and bolt ons at relatively low cost. Contact Us for more information or an appraisal of your needs.