Meet Anna.. A hard hitting income protection story

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Meet Anna.. A hard hitting income protection story

Anna is a member of Cirencester Friendly – One of the insurers that 1st Call work with on a day to day basis.

Anne’s world was turned upside down when she fell and hit her head on concrete. Although initially feeling fine, after two days she woke up unable to speak. Anne was given the all clear following investigations but was told she could no longer drive. This video explains her initial concerns on whether her Income Protection plan would pay out and in response how Cirencester Friendly have gone above and beyond to not only support her, but her son as well.

When I decided I should take out an income protection contract, I was enjoying a successful and rewarding career, running my own business in the service industry. I diligently did my research with my Financial Adviser before deciding on a contract with Cirencester Friendly. We concluded that the level of care and customer benefits would be invaluable should I ever need to make a claim. Altogether, for me, Cirencester Friendly was the obvious choice.

Feeling understood

The payout statistics, readily available online, were reassuring, and I was impressed with the Society’s customer centricity. It was important to me that I felt safe and understood. Insurance can feel daunting, so I was happy to find the Society goes the extra mile and adapts to any additional needs the member may have to help them.


The service industry can be demanding, and I was aware that my work–life balance was affecting my mental health. Neglecting my own needs eventually led to burnout, and so I employed someone to alleviate the burden. Sadly, this turned out to be a big mistake. It resulted in a crime being committed against my business, the impact of which drove me to a complete breakdown. Inevitably, this meant I had to take time away from the business, but thankfully I had income protection and was able to make a claim. The process felt dauting at first, and a little invasive given the information I needed to disclose was detailed and of a sensitive nature. But at least I knew I was in safe hands.

Personal Service

Apart from the invaluable peace of mind provided by the regular payout, one of the best aspects of my contract, I found, was the specialist support provided by the Friendly Voice service. I benefited from talking therapy with a Personal Nurse Adviser. Alison, a registered mental health nurse came along at just the right time, providing a much-needed, impartial shoulder to cry on. I’m regularly asked how I’ve managed during this time which, sadly, is ongoing. Having cover gave me confidence that I would at least receive a regular income along with breathing space while I recovered.

“I would recommend Cirencester Friendly without hesitation. The cover does what it says: protects you. And as for the support service that comes with it, I can’t thank you enough for being the friendliest voice.”

To investigate whether an Income Protection policy from Cirencester is a good fit for you, get in touch with our specialist advisers, and we can work through your requirements.