Buildings and Contents Insurance

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Buildings Insurance

Possibly the most important insurance product for your home. It covers the actual building you live in. 

Contents Insurance

Covers everything inside your house. Carpets, Fittings, TV’s, Beds. Takes over from where the Buildings insurance leaves off

Accidental Damage

Accidents happen right? With accidental damage cover, if you break something in your home, you can claim to replace it!


Personal Accident

Fixed price policies that cover you in the event of an accident or hospitalisation. We even have policies to cover your kids!


But we can use Compare the Market!!

You can, but you are not necessarily looking at policies that would protect you correctly should the worst happen and you need to claim. All our policies are 5 Star Defaqto backed, and our advisers will tailor the cover toy uour exact needs.

It could be mandatory

If you have a mortgage, your property is a Leasehold, or shared ownership it is necessary to ensure that you have adequate insurance to cover the property.

What it covers?

Buildings Insurance covers the structure of your home (walls, roof, floors) against risks such as fire, storm damage, flood, subsidence, theft, and vandalism.

It ensures that if your home is damaged or destroyed, the cost of repairs or rebuilding is covered.

What options are available?

Most insurers allow additional cover  for arranging alternative accomodation should a building become inhabitable, legal costs and liability protection (including compensation claims)

Some even have options for home emergecy cover for urgent repairs such as boiler breakdowns or plumbing issues. 

Our advisers will guide you through your options

What are you covered for? 

Let our expert advisers review your current cover, and see if we can spot any holes that may put you at risk

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What about contents insurance?

Its not just the building – Its the bits inside that matter. 

Whats Covered

Contents insurance covers your personal belongings within the home against risks such as theft, fire, and water damage.

This includes furniture, electronics, clothing, and other personal items.

Specific Items

Wedding rings, high-value electronics, bikes and other items can be covered seperately to make sure that if they are stolen you have additional protection to cover the replacement of the items

Cover away from the home

We can add cover to look after mobile phones, laptops, rings and other items you regularly take out of the home, giving additional peace of mind when it comes to loss or damage of those important items.

Lets not forget outside

There are even cover options for the items in your garden. That expensive garden seating set, the kids play equipment or your prized lawnmower. Its all possible when you know the right policy for the right person.

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