Decreasing Term Life Insurance

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What is it?

Decreasing term life insurance is a unique form of life insurance where the death benefit reduces over the policy term while the costs typically stay the same.
It’s designed to align with specific financial obligations that decrease over time, like a mortgage.

The Benefits

What are the benefits of 
Decreasing Term Life Insurance

Here are the key benefits of decreasing term life insurance, especially in terms of mortgage protection and family protection



One of the primary benefits of decreasing term life insurance is its affordability. With a decreasing death benefit, the premiums are generally lower than those for level term life insurance, which keeps the death benefit constant. This makes decreasing term life insurance a cost-effective option for individuals and families who want to ensure mortgage protection and family protection without straining their budget.

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Tailored to specific needs

Decreasing term life insurance is ideal for covering debts that reduce over time, such as mortgages, car loans, or personal loans.

As these debts are paid off, the insurance coverage decreases proportionally. T

his ensures that policyholders are not over-insured and can save money on premiums while still achieving mortgage protection and family protection.

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Financial Security for your loved ones

Even though the death benefit decreases, decreasing term life insurance provides essential financial security for loved ones. If the policyholder dies unexpectedly, the remaining benefit can be used to pay off significant debts, like a mortgage, ensuring that the surviving family members are not left with substantial financial burdens.

This is crucial for family protection, especially for those with young children or significant mortgage commitments.

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Simplified Financial Planning

Decreasing term life insurance simplifies financial planning. By matching the insurance coverage with the duration and amount of specific debts, policyholders can create a clear and straightforward plan for debt repayment and financial security.

This alignment helps avoid the complexities and potential over-insurance issues associated with other life insurance policies.

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Best with others  

For many, decreasing term life insurance complements other life insurance policies.

For instance, a policyholder might have a level term life insurance policy for general family protection while using a decreasing term policy specifically for mortgage protection.

This combination ensures comprehensive coverage while optimizing costs.

Making it simple

Decreasing Term Life insurance is designed to make it easy.. Here is how :

Predictable Premiums

Decreasing term life insurance policies typically come with fixed premiums throughout the policy term. This predictability allows for easier budgeting, as policyholders know exactly how much they will pay each month. Fixed premiums are especially beneficial for individuals and families managing their finances carefully.


Many insurance companies offer flexible options for decreasing term life insurance policies, such as converting to a permanent policy or adjusting the coverage amount and term length as needed. This flexibility can be valuable as financial situations and coverage needs change over time.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that significant financial obligations will be covered if the policyholder dies unexpectedly provides peace of mind. Decreasing term life insurance assures policyholders that their loved ones will not struggle to make mortgage payments or settle large debts, offering substantial emotional and financial relief, which is key for family protection.

Get covered

Decreasing term life insurance offers several benefits, especially for those looking to ensure mortgage protection and family protection. Its affordability, tailored coverage, and ability to complement other life insurance policies make it an attractive option for many individuals and families. By providing predictable premiums and aligning with major debt repayment schedules, decreasing term life insurance ensures financial security and peace of mind for policyholders and their loved ones.