Landlord Insurance

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Landlord Buildings

Possibly the most important insurance product for your home. It covers the actual building you own and rent out. 

Contents Insurance

Covers items included in your tenancy agreement such as sofas, fridges, washing machines, curtains and carpets.

Accidental& Malicious Damage

Cover the fixtures and fittings for any damage from external issues, and also deliberate damage or theft by your tenants

Harvest of Drugs and more

Additional cover such as protecting against the tenant causing damage to the property when being used to maliciously manufacture or process a controlled substance.

What kind of things can be covered?

There are a wide range of additional cover options with Landlord Insurance

Manufacture and harvest of drugs

vailable as an optional extra when purchasing accidental damage and malicious damage or theft caused by a tenant cover. This covers the damages and costs relating to the remedial action from the use of the property for the manufacture, cultivation, harvesting or processing by any other method of drugs classed as controlled substances under the Misuse of Drugs Act (1971), which is excluded when this option is not selected.

Let Property Emergency Cover

Let Home Emergency Cover is provided to pay the cost of a contractor’s emergency call-out, labour charges and parts and materials.
For example, failure of the boiler or primary heating system, a gas leak, lectricity supply failure or water supply system failure
Damage to or failure of the plumbing and drainage system where internal flooding or water damage is likely

Legal protection

An additional bolt on protection to cover a sum of money towards legal cover when navigating through the difficult situations that can arise when renting your property to a tenant – such as disputes, claims and other issues needing legal assistance such as repossession or health and safety prosecutions

Rent Guarantee Protection

Should the worst happen, and your tenant not pay, or get into arrears and are in the process of being evicted, the missing rent and arrears can be covered to make sure you are not out of pocket.

Additional peace of mind for landlord

What are you covered for? 

Let our expert advisers review your current cover, and see if we can spot any holes that may put you at risk

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