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Personal Accident/Illness

Our personal accident and illness policies are able to provide you with an affordable cover for broken bones all the way up to significant damage that has an impact on your life or results in you having to spend time in hospital


We can cover hospital visits up to £250 per 24hr period due to an accident, and once you have had cover for over a year, for Sickness too.

Childrens Accidental Damge

Available as either a bolt on to our standard polcies, or a stand alone , fixed price policy – we can  cover for broken bones, ICU admissions and even provide fixed sum payouts for more serious injuries or conditions

Complex Case Life Insurance

It may be that you arent able to obtain life insurance due to complex medical history, or recent issues. Some of our policies have no underwriting at all, with others more flexible – providing a cost effective alternative to life insurance for some.

What are you covered for? 

Let our expert advisers review your current cover, and see if we can spot any holes that may put you at risk

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Added extras? Yes please!

Enjoy some of the benefits

Although we have low cost options, they still allow access to some of the added benefits that a full scale life insurance policy would give you


Virtual GP Access

Impossible to get an appointment with your own GP? Many of our policies give access to a virtual 24/7 GP Helpline, where you can arrange a virtual remote appointment with GP’s

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Wellbeing Support

Mental health is as important as physical health, and many of our policies give access to wellbeing support services to help with general mental health and wellbeing, bereavement and probate, Family Issues and emotional support at no extra charge 

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Other issues

The support even stretches to help with managing debt and tax issues.  All 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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And for the whole family!!!

Just because the policy may just be in a single name, the help is available for other members of your household (some restrictions apply).

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Personal Accident Policy Options

Many of the policies we offer are fixed priced option. Some depend on the level of cover. But the benefits are strong no matter what policy you need.

Fixed Price Cover 

Starting from just £9 per month, all the way up to £45 depending on the amount of cover you want

Wide ranging cover

Broken Bones, Accidental Dealth, Total permanent disability and life changing injuries. 

Cover for hospital stays

Even core cover includes a set amount per day for stays in hospital to help with costs like parking and time off

Additional Life Cover

Up to £10,000 if you die as a result of natural causes after year 1, or your policy cost returned if within the first year.

Bolt On Cover

All the policies come with bolt on’s to cover children, active lifestyle or if you are working in healthcare.

Quick and Easy

As the policies are not underwritten, we can get you covered within a matter of hours!

Metlife ChildShield

What about the children?

At 1st Call 4 Protection, we have access to  Metlife’s Childshield product, which allows a cost effective way of safeguarding against some of the most common problems associated with children’s health and wellbeing

Cover for Broker Bones

Cover between £100 and £200 per bone if your child breaks a bone

Named conditions

With cover between £5,000 or £10,000 for the most common issues that can affect children, such as Type 1 Diabetes, Bacterial Meningitis, Burns and Cancer


Cover between £50 and £100 for each 24 hours for normal admissions, or £150 and £300 for intensive care

Simple Cover

Choose either £6 or £11 per month – Thats it! And that covers all your children on a single policy

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Its more than just accidental damage

Concerned about covering the mortgage if you are ill or have had an accident? We offer simple cover with very quick underwriting to cover up to 10% over the cost of your mortgage (up to £1500 per month)

More Flexible

Cover is either for accident only, or accident and illness – with the option to add your children onto the cover too.

More Personal 

The policy can cover up to a maximum £1500 benefit per month (up to 10% over the monthly mortgage payment) for either 12 or 24 Months

More Straightforward

With no underwriting on Accident Only cover, only 5 questions on Accident and Illness Cover, and no family history required, its a straightforward process to get the cover you need

More Benefit

Cover can be vackdated to Day 1  after the 4 week waiting policy. There is no limit to the number of claims, and you get access to GP24 and Wellbeing Support too!

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